Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Magick is

What Magick Is - what it does and what it should and should not be used for......

    This comes from a book by Isobel Bird - it is an excerpt from a part of the book regarding an beginning class about explaining Witchcraft.
    "Anya picked up a pot that had a small plant growing in it, 'This is a lavender plant,' she said. 'I grew it from seeds that started indoors about a month ago. When it's warm enough, I'm going to plant in my garden.'   Kate didn't under stand what Anya was getting at. Sure, a lavender would be pretty, but it was hardly magick.  'It took a lot for that little seed to become this plant,' Anya continued. 'The seed contained everything it needed to make the plant, but without the help of water and the light, it would have stayed dormant. And without more of it, the plant won't bloom and fill my garden with its fragrance. In a way magick is like the water and the light. We have the potential to make all kinds of things happen. But if we don't find ways to use that potential - to nourish it - then nothing happens.'
  'You mean the magick is already in us?' asked a woman in the back.  'That's right,' Anya said. 'Many people mistakenly think of magick as something mysterious or supernatural. It is, in a way, because it's something extraordinary. But true magick is simply finding ways to make the things happen that we already have the ability to make happen.'
   'Can you give us an example?' asked Lea.  Anya thought for moment, 'Suppose I need money,' she said. 'Maybe I need six hundred dollars to pay for repairs on my car. I might do a spell in which I ask for money to come my way. A few days later, I might get  raise at work, or someone who owes me money might pay me back. I might even get a tax refund I didn't know was coming.'
   'But that's not magick,' the first woman said. 'That's just luck.'
   'Is it?' asked Anya. 'What is magick? It's removing the obstacles that are preventing you from getting what you want or need. When I do a ritual or cast a spell, I'm really asking for help in finding ways around the obstacles that are in my way. If I need money, I look for ways that I can get that money. I don't expect it to just fall out of the sky.' 
    'But if you just want something?' Sasha asked. 'I mean, like what if you see a really great leather jacket, but you can't afford it. Shouldn't you be able to do magick and just get it?'  'Thast's a good question.,' Anya said. 'Do you think you should?'
   'Sure,' said Sasha... 'If I can do magick, I should be able to get what I want out of it.'  'What do the rest of you think?' Anya asked. 
   "I don't think you should use magick like a credit cad,' Annie said carefully, breaking the silence. 'If all you do is take, take, take, then what's the point?' 
   'The point is that you have what you want' Sasha said. 'Why should you have to work so hard for everything when there's magick?' "
   So the members in the class discussed various ways using spells could 'fix' or 'get' things you want or need in your life.  One of the statements made that I thought was something to keep in mind is 'magick should be used for removing obstacles, not for plowing through things like a bulldozer.'  Maybe this excerpt can give us a better insight into how magick is really suppose to be used and how it works.
Plant seeds during this winter days and meditate on how they grow - how they make things happen and make changes in our lives.

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