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After the excesses of the festive seasons many people choose to start a new dietary regime. However, these New Year diets often fail, usually because we ask too much of ourselves.

    It is unreasonable to go from what is effectively a life of excess to one of virtual deprivation, overnight. Also, we often tend to think of them in terms of good and bad foods rather than in terms of treating ourselves kindly. If you have tried one of these for the New Year and are now struggling, why not avail yourself of a little Witchy help?
     Take a piece of Amber, a teaspoonful of Fennel seed (from your supermarket herb shelf), a teaspoon of Rock Salt granules and a tablespoonful of powdered milk.  Wrap these in a cloth and secure tightly with string or a plastic bag tie. At dawn or dusk, run a fairly warm deep bath with your sachet in the tub. When it is read, add 3 drops each of oil or Rosemary, Rose and Rosewood. Immerse yourself as completely as you can, ducking your head under the water three times. As you duck, say in your head
(otherwise you might inhale water): "Water, water take away all my cares from me today. Give me health, give me strength, help me prolong my life at length."  On the last immersion say "Blessed Be." Relax and soak away your worries. After you have got out of the bath, remove the sachet and dry the Amber. Carry this in your pocket, or somewhere you can readily touch it, until you have achieved your desire.
"Food you eat but don't want is as
wasted as that thrown away."
From The Real Witches' Year by Kate West

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