Sunday, January 8, 2012

Waxing Gibbous Moon in the Sign of Cancer - Sun Day

Sun Day - is the Day of Intent, Creation and Renewal - The charms and spells that would complement this magickal day of the sun are ones for personal achievement of any kind - such as if you are seeking fame and wealth, working for that much-deserved promotion at work, or being acknowledged for a job well done. Health issues, increasing personal power, or simply sticking to your diet and being proud of what you have accomplished all fall under the sun's golden influence.

Full Moon tomorrow morning - The moon will reach its peak of fullness for this lunar cycle tomorrow
morning at 2:30AM EST. This is a wonderful time for an elaborate full moon ritual due to Cancer's sensitivity and psychic attunement. Here is a Full Moon in Cancer meditation from Teresa Moorey's Power of the Moon book. 
   Setting the Scene -
If you take a little trouble to prepare yourself and your surroundings, you are  more likely to slip into the necessary altered state of consciousness easily. If you are busy and can only spend half an hour, that's fine because it's better to make your meditation manageable than not do it all. It may help if you can record the meditation on to a tape in advance. That way you can simply listen and lose yourself.
    If you have plenty of time, start by taking a bath containing a little jasmine oil. Heat some of the oil in a burner and light candles.
  Pepare your altar for a Full Moon ritual and settle yourself comfortably before it.  If you have a CD
or other source of music of waves hitting on a shoreline it will help the meditation along in your trance
here. "You see yourself standing on a rocky beach at midnight with the Full Moon radiant overhead. The rocks glisten white in the moonlight and shimmer as though inlaid with jewels. You hear the steady swish-swish of the waves. Their crisp white edges fold gently, one over another, onto the shore. The tidepools are patches of onyx scattered around the beach [Pause]
    You find yourself close to an especially beautiful rock pool. The Moon lies within its surface as if it has been captured. You kneel down and cup the reflection of the Moon, feeling the cool water run through your fingers. The pearly reflection runs away from it, but is still there, rippled now, in the pool.
You become aware that you do not always have to hold onto something to remain in contact. [Pause]
      You continue your walk along the beach. Ahead of you, lying on the beach but rising and falling with the waves that lap it is a small boat. You approach it and decide to get in. As you push off from the shore you become aware that you can direct the boat to go wherever you wish. [Pause]
      Drifting over the smooth waves, the boat comes to rest on an island. You get out of the boat and walk up the shore. The sand is soft between your toes. You become aware that ahead of you above the highwater mark there is a cozy dwelling. You enter and find it comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated, just as you would wish, with delicious food in the cupboards. You become aware that you can make a lovely home wherever you may be. [Pause]
    When you are ready to go, you walk back down to the little boat, get in and direct your passage over the moonlit tide and back to the original beach where you began. The boat beaches itself gently and you get out. You find yourself standing next to a large white shell. Within that shell there lies a gift for you. Take this and treasure it.
     Come back to everyday awareness, bringing your gift with you. Be sure to note feelings and experiences you have begun keeping in a notebook."

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