Sunday, February 5, 2012

Create Your Astral Temple

Create Your Astral Temple

An Astral Temple is a form of Sacred Space which
is created on the Astral (or psychic) plane.

   It has a number of advantages over the conventional Sacred Space. It can be located in any environment you choose, and will be available to you whenever and wherever you wish. It does not require the use of special tools and equipment and, created properly, will always be away from prying eyes and touching fingers. Some Covens will create one which provides them with a meeting place for magical working when they are physically distant from one another. Some Solitaries use one so that they have a private and safe place for meditation, pathworking and the like.
   An Astral Temple is created through meditation and visualization, so you will need to make sure you will be completely undisturbed during your working. Before you begin, decide what sort of setting you would like; indoor, outdoor, etc. Now settle yourself down comfortably, close your eyes and do a few breathing exercises to relax. Visualize yourself travelling to your chosen environment, taking with you something valuable by way of an offering. Call upon each of the Elements, the Goddess and the God=, in your usual way, and ask each for their Blessing on your Sacred Space. Visualize yourself casting the Circle and making all secure. Now kneeling in the center of your Sacred Space, visualize the Goddess and the God at your Altar, rise, greet them and make your offering. If they place an offering on your Altar, then your Astral Temple is ready for use. Otherwise, repeat the exercise another time.

"The more you worship your Goddess, the greater in power She grows."
[From: The Real Witches' Year by Kate West]

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