Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Priestess's Litany for a New Day -
This can be done indoors or outside. Know your directions or have a compass with you to help you find them. You can candles and incense burning if you wish or you can just chant this litany as you face each direction. .....

I come to the East. I ask the wind to clear away preconceptions and muddy reasoning. At this moment of sunrise, the beginning of a new day, I come to thee seeking the wisdom I may need.
I come to the South. I ask the fire and the full light of noon to give me courage and energy. Burn from me all my angers and smallness of mind. I come to thee seeking right action and protection in whatever I am called to do.
I come to the West. I ask the still waters to hold me sensitive to the material needs of my world. Let the moving waters wash from me the busyness of mundane concerns. I come to thee seeking the quiet sensitivity of thy flow in twilight.
I come to the North. I ask the earth and stones for wisdom, stability and endurance. Absorb from me all stolid heaviness. I come to thee seeking growth and the quiet of thy might.
I come to the Center. Let me never forget that all things had their source in spirit and to spirit shall all return. I come to thee seeking balance.
I come to the silver light of Moon, the golden light of Sun. May I, this day and this night, find my path and walk it with grace, serenity, hope.
And so I begin my day.
[From Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat]

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