Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Divination

Love Divination

Love divination traditionally takes place at many times of the year, including St. Agnes' Eve, Midsummer's Eve, Halloween, Christmas Eve and of course St. Valentine's Eve.

   While historically these are usually carried out by girls, there is no reason why they would not work just as well for a boy. Here are just a few.....

   A blue thread should be thrown over the left shoulder and out of the window. Its shape will indicate the initial of the loved one.
    Two girls should sit in silence from midnight to 1AM. Each should pull as many hairs from her head as she is years old and place them in a clean white cloth with some Moonwort fern. At the stroke of 1, each should burn these hairs, one at a time in the flame of a white candle. Then, still not speaking, they should retire to bed where they will dream of their true love.
    To bring your true love to you, you should sit on the doorstep shelling peas until you find a pod with nine peas in it. This should be placed on the threshold of the kitchen door and the next man to cross over it will be your sweetheart.
    The new bride should a piece of wedding cake to each of her unmarried friends, which, if they put it under their pillow on the night after the wedding, will give them dreams of their future partner.
    Go out at dawn on St. Valentine's Day and seek the trail of a snail. The first you see will have the shape of your future lover's initial.

"Remember, relationships are easy; it's
having good ones which is hard."


  1. Great blog. It's been awhile that we spoke. Hoping you and yours are doing well.

  2. Glad you like it Mary... I read some of your blogs every once in a whbile - know you've moved. I am hoping to do more this blog.