Sunday, February 12, 2012

Water Scrying

The waning moon enters Scorpio - this is a good time in a lunar cycle to practice your scrying abilities.....

Scrying in Water - a practice of receiving messages or information by focusing attention on a reflective surface and seeing what kinds of images come up. I find a good way to practice this is to look into a black clay bowl filled with water - you attempt to see what images come up to the surface of the water. Probably all you will see the first few time you start practicing is water. This can be a difficult form of divination. But like so many other types of magickal practices that you want to be good at, it takes practice and focus. Part of being a witch is knowing when to trust what your experiences and your intuition. This doesn't happen overnight. It only comes with practice, practice and more practice Most novices are not able to scry right away and some, maybe a lot, won't ever be able to do it well. But that is okay because we all have abilities we are a natural at and others that we never do well. So let's say you think you see something in the water - but how do we know if we really are seeing messages or are they something we make up in our head? Or if we are daydreaming? That is where practicing over and over comes in - you can learn to tell what's real from what isn't. And sometimes you still can't be sure.
But this something you go through when you start meditating - so you ask what is the point of meditating? This practice is to clear your mind, to change your mental status, to open yourself up to noticing what's going on around you and how these things are affecting you. And so in the same way you are doing this when scrying - you open yourself up to receiving information you normally wouldn't receive because you're so busy thinking about other things and doing other things. So many times this is always there - we're just aren't always tuned into it.
So learning this witchy skill doesn't happen overnight. It only comes with practice, practice and more practice. No one can scry right away but keep working at it and especially at time like these next couple of days - Scorpio energies will help your mind to focus on opening itself up to messages.

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